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Java SmartGuide Developer  •  можно удалённо от 140 000 до 150 000 руб.

Java SmartGuide Developer

Please contact here ONLY if meet the requirements and has required experience

Scope of Work/project description

The successful candidate will work with the City of Ottawa’s Citizen Web Experience
(CWE) team within the Applications Management Branch of Information Technology
Services. As part of the team, the candidate will support the City’s Java/SmartGuide
applications within the team’s existing Agile SCRUM process. Activates include but
are not limited to:
● Applying security patches and updates
● Deploying new builds of the software
● Fixing bugs and issues when they occur
● Making small changes to the applications, based on client requests
● Creating technical documentation as required
● Mentoring and transferring knowledge to city staff
● Attending project meetings as required
● Participating in code reviews and Agile Scrum meetings

Project Deliverables

The project deliverables will be prioritized and refined through the City’s Agile
SCRUM process but initially will include:

● Updating the development environments so that they work correctly with the
new MySO development environment
● Reviewing and updating the deployment and development documentation
● Deploying updates and fixes as defined in each team sprint.

Upon completion of these deliverables, the City reserves the right to enter into
additional agreement(s) with the Contractor for supplementary deliverables. Hourly
rates for additional agreements must be equal or less than the hourly rates proposed
for this ITQ

Information and/or Services to be provided by the City

City staff will provide insight into existing ITS infrastructure, and access to systems
required for all analysis and development activities. City staff will participate in
defining and reviewing each deliverable as part of an Agile SCRUM process.
While the contractor is on-site at the City, access to a networked City computer shall
be provided with available software as required.
There is currently no incumbent in this role.
Special Requirements

Rated Requirements

Project Experience

Respondents should describe the project experience of the Resource with three
relevant projects of similar scope and magnitude, successfully completed or
undertaken in the previous five years. Each project example should demonstrate the
Resource’s project experience relevant to the Terms of Reference as outlined in
Annex A.
Respondents should complete the form provided as Appendix 1 – Project
Description Forms (tables 3-5), to describe the Resource’s project experience.
Respondents should use one form for each project experience description.
The City will only evaluate three examples. Ten points will be assigned to each of
the three requested project samples. If more than three project examples are
provided, only the first three will be evaluated.
Respondents are required to achieve a minimum score of 70% (21 out of 30) on B.1.
Failure to achieve the minimum score will render a response non-responsive.

Relevant Experience

Respondents should describe the relevant experience of the Resource relevant to
the Terms of Reference as outlined in Annex A.
Respondents should complete the form provided as Appendix 2 – Relevant
Experience Form (tables 6), to describe the Resource’s relevant experience.

● 2 years of experience with Alphinat SmartGuide
● 3 years of Java, JSP, JSF, Hibernate experience
● 3 years experience in designing, developing, implementing and consuming
web services and microservices, such as REST and SOAP.
● 5 years of experience using issue tracking tools such as GitHub, GitLab,
Jira and Azure DevOps

● Experience developing WCAG, UAAG and ATAG accessible mobile
● Experience with web front-end technologies such as JavaScript, CSS and
● Experience transferring technical knowledge to other developers
● Experience with service oriented architectures
● Experience with Tomcat, Oracle WebLogic application servers
● Strong English oral and written communication skills
● Strong technical writing skills

Resource Education, Accreditation and Qualifications

Respondents should complete the form provided as Appendix 3 Resource
Education, Accreditation and Qualifications (table 7), to outline the Resource’s
Qualifications and Academic Standing relevant to the Terms of Reference outlined in
Annex A.
● A Bachelor of Computer Information Systems or Computer Science Degree
or related field or college equivalent;
● Qualifications pertaining to Web and/or Mobile Application Accessibility;
● Certifications pertaining to Java or SmartGuide development.

Project Doc

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